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Mac Sweeper First Rogue Application in Mac

Beware! First rogue application in Mac is here.

This rogue application displays a fake information, pretending that it is scans the user’s system. It then displays a fake Alert, showing that bad cookies and files were detected.

Once the user click “Remove”, it will download MacSweeperSetup.dmg and install – the rogue application.

There are two images or looks that links to this rogue application.

(1) The screenshot shown above is the image displayed when you visit this url:
(2) The screenshot shown below is the image displayed when you get linked or redirected (Ex. you have been linked from Google.) to this url:

*** This links to rogue site; Use at your own risk! ***

As of this writing, no security scanners detects it.
MacSweeper does not need root admin password to execute the application. In fact it is just a portable application and no installation required. Here’s the screenshot below:

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