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CeBIT Australia 2008

It’s amazing to see different ICT exhibitors all gathered in one roof for three days in CeBIT Australia 2008.

Actually, I missed the first day but it’s alright. I was excited on the second day, where I woke up early to get there at exactly 8:00 am for BloggerZone breakfast (this is a limited invitation to all bloggers around Australia).

The exhibit opens at 10:00am but with the blogger ID we (with my husband) were able to get in early and roam around, while everyone is still rushing to prepare.

As an electronic consumer, I was interested to see new and impressive gadgets but I end-up realizing that we need those CPU cabinets and power rack.

As we were walking around, we noticed that there are only few AntiVirus company there: AVG, ESET, Kingsoft and F-Secure; other security companies are GFI, IntelliGuard and MailGuard. ESET has the most impressive stand because of the data presented that shows their leading detection rate which covers prevalence and zero day threats, heuristics as well as zero false positives (these informations are base on independent AV testers and reviewers).

As we were heading to exit the exhibition hall, I noticed a small device (a thin client) from ThinLinx. Thanks to its CEO John Nicholls who was very welcoming and spent the time discussing to us.

In ceBIT you get freebies, so what I got ? CDs, ballpens, magazines, stickers and red hat (obviously, from RedHat).

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