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Alert: PDF Vulnerability in Mac OS X

Mac OS X is “a Unix operating system built from the XNU kernel. Mac OS X provides all the standard Unix capabilities and tools with an additional GUI component”.Remote exploitation of an integer overflow vulnerability in Apple Inc.’s Mac OS X could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the currently logged in user.

Vulnerable Systems:
 * Mac OS X version 10.5.2

This vulnerability exists due to the way PDF files containing Type 1 fonts are handled. When processing a font with an overly large length, integer overflow could occur. This issue leads to heap corruption which can allow for arbitrary code execution.

Exploitation of this issue allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code. An attacker could exploit this issue via multiple attack vectors. The most appealing vector for attack is Safari. An attacker could host a malformed PDF file on a website and entice a targeted user to open a URL. Upon opening the URL in Safari the PDF file will be automatically parsed and exploitation will occur. While this is the most appealing attack vector, the file can also be attached to an e-mail. Any application which uses the Apple libraries for file open dialogs will crash upon previewing the malformed PDF document.

Vendor response:
Apple addressed this vulnerability within their Mac OS X 2008-005 security update. More information is available at the following URL:

Published by SecuriTeam

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Alert: Adobe Reader User-assisted execution of arbitrary code

Adobe Reader is vulnerable to execution of arbitrary code via a crafted


A remote attacker could entice a user to open a specially crafted PDF
document, possibly resulting in the remote execution of arbitrary code
with the privileges of the user.


There is no known workaround at this time. 

Published by Gentoo Linux Security Advisory.

Malicious user may exploit this vulnerability, refrain from opening spammed, untrusted or unknown PDF document.