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Rogues Earning $US150,000 aWeek

I was reading TheAge.com security article today titled “Russian scammers cash in on pop-up menace” and it started with this phrase…

“Cyber criminals are earning up to $US150,000 a week selling fake anti-virus software to naive internet users.. ”

Obviously, we all encountered these fake alerts (those were just swf) saying that you are infected but really, it’s just for show. Behind these deceiving and tricky sales approach, these Rogues are earning good enough money ..

“For instance, if a hacker controls a botnet of 20,000 computers, they could earn up to $US225,000 just by tricking 5000 victims into buying the fake anti-virus software for $US49.95 each.”

 Recently, Bakasoftware’s database was obtained by a hacker known as NeoN and earning details of the top 10 affiliates were published on various online hacking forums. The data revealed the most successful affiliate earned $US158,000 in a week and even small-time hackers could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

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