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You and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new currency in information technology.  It is becoming acceptable architecture by which people enjoys accessibility of its application, data and information through a web-connected device. Although there were alot of critics and debatable issues behind this emerging trend, still most of internet users appreciate the benefits of it. 

mobilemeDifferent versions of cloud computing just like Apple MobileMe  which allows you to sync data and access it through different web-connected device like iphone, ipod, mac and pc. 

linkedinAnother example of cloud computing is social networking websites such as LinkedIn who started to embrace and introduced data-sharing applications such as  WordPress, Google Presentation, Blog link and more – this allows users to share and collaborate data with their peers just like me. 



Amazon web services (AWS) provides cloud services in a scalable and inexpensive computing platform. 


googleappsGoogle Apps  where it provides service that allow users to enjoy Google Calendar, Picasa (stores picture), YouTube (hold videos), Gmail, Google Docs (document, spreadsheets and presentation).


skydrive  Windows Live SkyDrive allow users to upload their files to the computing cloud, and then access them from a web browser. [Read Wiki] It is currently in Beta and users could get 25 GB free storage for free! So, Windows Live Photos, Favorite Web Links, Window Live Spaces (blog, photo, list, profile, gadgets, contact card integration with MSN messenger and hotmail) and RSS Feeds.  


We are now surrounded with clouds – cloud storage, service, software and application. This emerging architecture is becoming popular and acceptable as PEW research report says…”Cloud computing takes hold as 69% of all internet users have either stored data online or used a web-based software application” [PEW Cloud Computing data memo]

In information security perspective, the CIA model of cloud computing still raises questions on how far could we trust the cloud providers on Confidentiality – preventing unwanted disclosure; Integrity – preventing unwanted modification; and Availability – make sure it is available when needed.  Do you think this is an option for enterprise? 

On the other hand, I’m thinking about threats such as attacks and infection, will this (cloud computing) be able to provide solution on dramatic increase of malware/threats, do you think it can lessen and make it a safer platform for everyone?

  1. August 19, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    Thanks for the info. Telstra – Australia’s biggest telco has just announced (on 17th August) a $500m investment into cloud computing which is pretty huge.

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