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just a list of iPhone apps

Wardriving – Often for Free Internet Access! 

Bypass MAC address filtering 

Information Gathering 

  • iPI
  • WhatIP
  • HWInfo – hardware info including bootloader version by trejan 
  • SysInfo – See and control all running processes in your iPhone 

Remote Access & Related Utilities

  • Services – Turn Edge, Bluetooth, Wifi, and OpenSSH on and off 
  • SendFile – allows you to email any file placed into ~/Media/Documents
  • DropCopy – Shares files and apps wirelessly. 
  • iSpit – http server that allows you browse and download files from your iPhone using your favorite Internet browser.
  • AirSharing – lets you wirelessly connect iPhone or iPod touch to a Mac, PC, or Linux computer. 
  • Screenshot – Create screen dumps on your iPhone by tapping an always floating button on your screen. 
  • TheZip 
  • VNsea
  • Finder
  • Term-vt100 – terminal access in your iphone. Tips and Tricks check this link.
  • Erica Utilities

Any other apps (new or old) you prefer ?  

  1. January 11, 2009 at 11:49 am

    I have been using SBSettings a lot lately.

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