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“MacCinema” update …

Another modified version of “MacCinema” promising as a crack version of  “Avid.Xpress.Pro.5.7.2.dmg”.

This variant was recently added by MacScan, if you’re using it – do a regular check here -> http://macscan.securemac.com/spyware-list

Also, recently blogged by Intego @ http://blog.intego.com/

What’s new?  Nothing really except this few strings “yksrepsak 777 nigeb”


…which means,  “begin 777 kaspersky”.


“enialbdivad 777 nigeb” remains the same as discussed from the previous post “Latest Threat: MacCinema“.

The bottom line here is that these threats are active and in-the-wild. It is trying to play hide-n-seek with security scanners by applying obfuscation and changing few strings.

To remove this threat, just follow MacAccess removal instruction.

Stay alert and always be informed!

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