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Snow Leopard Recommends Antivirus

Apple updated its web pages as Snow Leopard is expected to be released this September.

A notable change is in Security section, where Apple admits that “no system can be 100 percent immune from every threat” and acknowledges that “antivirus software may offer additional protection”.


Interestingly, prior to this change is a strong campaign that every “Mac is Secure”.  (Thank goodness, I have kept a copy of those pages because I have noted and reference a link in my abstract here.)


If you’ll reckon this page last year (below) – this has caught massive media attention as Apple recommends Antivirus which is contrary to its security campaign. The attention further escalates when Apple removed and said that it was “incurrate” – referring that it is old and not updated.  (Google “Apple removes anti-virus” for further story).

AppleAntivirusAlthough, I think users should understand here is that “Security is a Process and NOT a Product”.  Evidently, gaining popularity delivers both worlds – Good and Bad. Obviously, users with confidential information stored in their hard drives and performs financial transaction online must understand that it is users’ responsibility to protect themselves from outside threats especially with the growing numbers of organized cyber-crimes.

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