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Mac Topics @ Blackhat09 Vegas


I’ll be traveling, but I wish to Vegas to attend Blackhat – unfortunately not!=(

Interesting topics are:

Day 1 1000 – 1100
Dino Dai Zovi:
Macsploitation with Metasploit

Day 1 1115 – 1230
Dino Dai Zovi:
Advanced Mac OS X Rootkits

Day 2 1515 – 1630
K. Chen:
Reversing and Exploiting an Apple® Firmware Update

What else, the Mac Hacking class.

I’m just curious who’ll be attending this, maybe the blackhats has more resources to attend training such as this rather than the whitehats. What do you think? We’ll see in future of Mac threats.


Am I infected?

I love reading emails especially when with background =) 


If you just double click it, then you are not infected. However, if you follow and successfully finish the installation process. Then, you are definitely infected!