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Snow Leopard includes malware protection

An interesting news (it’s now all over the net) – Snow Leopard includes malware protection that detects two known threats, RSPlug and iServices. (Intego first spotted this anti-malware feature.)

Now curious thoughts buzzing around, many suspects that Apple is using ClamAV although Ryan Naraine @ zdnet blog had confirmed that Apple is not using it. Others suggest that it might be using Symantec’s engine, because of the naming convention used “OSX.RSPlug.A, OSX.iService.A”.

Anyway, in a perspective, it seems Apple is taking no chances with emerging and prevalent threats in Mac (as noted in recent changes). It is taking steps forward to deliver protection and exercise due care – which is good.

“Due care is care that a reasonable man would exercise under the circumstances”

At the end of the day, security is a process, which lives and deals with reality – our day to day computing activities.

Security researches, findings and awareness provides avenue for a better understanding of these (impending) attacks or threats.

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