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Have you played Lose/Lose?


As the author describes “Lose/Lose is a video-game with real life consequences.”

This game works only in Mac, and as the warning explains, this game deletes files whenever the player kill those aliens. Yes, it is interesting but unfortunately it poses serious threat to users.

So, if you’ll happen to see this screen, I advise you to immediately quit the application (Command + Q) before it’s too late!

Infection Report

mac user infection report

DNSChanger and Jahlav distribution vector provided an avenue for attackers to successfully trick Mac users into installing it. The social engineering technique deployed is closely knitted to internet users’ popular activity which is called the “Mainstream Approach” – which makes simple tricks sophisticated and unrecognizable from an average internet user.

I have mapped the top five “internet mainstream” activities that became a hub that provides opportunity for organized group to plug-in and deploy cybercrimes.


It’s been weeks (almost a month) that Mac trojan internet distribution are offline. Because of this, I can’t help to ask myself:

  • Is it preparing for new attack?
  • Is it over, the fact that Apple stepped-in?
  • Just cooling off waiting for demand to kick in?

For whatever reason, I don’t know. For now, it’s good that Mac users are safe from these pest. For threat research community, let’s wait and see!