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Just a note…

September 16, 2010 1 comment

RAT for Mac ‘Hellraiser 4.2’ will soon release v.4.4  this version will include a webcam support. An interesting note published in a hacking forum mentions about selling,  “Will be Selling the updated 4.4 Version for 15$ (that comes with TeamViewer Setup)”.

Other updates recently released by DCHKG (active member of the Underground  Mac Programming Team) are:

* Brutal Gift 5.0b9 : READ ME ; – brute force cracker.
* MotherWEB 1.8 : READ ME ; – utility to retrieve list URL.
* heirophant 4.3 : READ ME ; – network utility composed of five useful modules that can be run simultaneously : scan, nmap, telnet, ping, flood, web.
* mema 4.0 : READ ME.: powerful, fast, and destructive mail-bomber built for Mac OS X.

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Another interesting work is lose/lose – the video game with real life consequence, which the author designed for an art project and showcased or displayed it in an exhibit (as shown from the picture below).

I assume the long printed list are the names and slaughtered aliens score – which basically are  Mac users who have just deleted random files from their Macs.  (“,


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