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Annoying ads coming from an iPad/iPhone app

I’ve recently encountered lots of annoying Ads in my iPhone and iPad. My initial impression is what an ‘Ad serving app’!  But, this is the result when you allow or agree to receive push notifications as shown below.

Here are some useful tips on how to deal with it. This instruction should stop the problem, otherwise the app causing your trouble is absolutely suspicious and you should report it for investigation.

How do I stop annoying Ads coming from an iPad/iPhone app?

1) Tap ‘Settings’ and look for ‘Notification’
2) It will display all application with Notification ‘turned on’, then tap the application that is bugging you with Ads.
3) Turn “OFF” Alerts, Badges and Sounds.

If the problem persist, you may want to consider to delete it.

How to delete application in iPad/iPhone?

1) Tap the target app, hold and wait until it starts to wiggle.
2) You’ll notice “X” button in the top right corner, which means you may tap it to delete.

OS X Tips: How To Check Your DNS Settings

Option 1 – Locate and click the Apple icon in your upper left corner and click “System Preferences”, then “Network” and search for “DNS Server”.  If you want to modify and remove malicious entry, you can simply click the box and input the right address.  However, if you are not sure simply try release & renew as instructed below.


Option 2 – Open Terminal (~/Applications/Utilities or you can search it using spotlight)

From the terminal, type “cat /etc/resolv.conf”. This command will return your  domain and name servers.

Another command is, “scutil –-dns”. Check resolver #1, this often returns domain and name servers as well.

Release and Renew to remove malicious DNS entry

From the terminal, type the following:

sudo ifconfig en1 down
sudo ifconfig en1 up

**Note: sudo means run as root user, so it will require you to input password. Also, en1 is often interfaced to LAN and en0 to Wireless – just try and see which one will work.

Another way is to unplug your internet connnection and reconnect. This will also work (”,)