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2010 Security Outlook

In 2009, many in IT industry lost jobs because of the tremendous pressure to cut-cost – so companies could go through and survive the recession. However, not everything in IT were gloomy, IT services that are aligned to cost-reductions and value creation such as implementing virtualization, SaaS and cloud services are on the rise – and they are expected to grow in the coming year.

Because we’ve been in a difficult situation, where IT companies are expected to cut cost, maintain customers and at the same time, expected to adopt in changing market opportunity, many of us worked in survival mode. This provides opportunities for organized cyber criminals to take more steps in becoming sophisticated and expanding capabilities.

From Gartner futuristic security scenarios, “Perpetual Arm Race” is very close to what we have encountered this year, which I believe will continue in the next couple of years.

This is a perpetual fight where success changes sides. Hackers, cybercriminals, and criminal consortia invent and launch relentless and powerful attacks on enterprises and individuals. Enterprises and vendors relentlessly work on advancing protective measures, launch pre-emptive actions against hackers, and apply law and technology. Advanced technology laboratories exist inside vendors’ facilities, as well as inside criminal structures. Web business functions decently, but all necessary security precautions are taken.

Although, the “Security Nirvana” scenario is a good direction we look forward to.

The “good guys” prevail over the “bad guys.” Enterprises’ and vendors’ security specialists are always a few steps ahead of hackers. Security measures have created an impeccable shield around enterprises. Procured and subscribed software is “security bug-free.” This is a world without the fear of hackers. The entire world is happily and securely interconnected.